What does a virtual tour really do for Google’s ranking?

in der Hand gehaltenes Smartphone mit einem lokalen Suchergebnis
Was bringen virtuelle Touren wirklich für die Seo

Myths around SEO with 360 degree tours in Google

It is repeatedly claimed that virtual tours in Google My Business profile are a real booster for search engine optimization. That a virtual tour will bring your website and thus your business the decisive step forward.

Here you can find out what is really true and how virtual tours on Google really affect your ranking.

Search engine optimization (Seo) is for many a book with seven seals. Because ranking websites on Google and other search engines is not an exact science. While there are some aspects that are considered certain, the rest is an interpretation of clues and conjecture.

A lot is promised and usually little is delivered. It’s no different with virtual tours.

So if you think that after creating a Google tour your own website will end up in 1st place in the normal search results, you are mistaken. Or better was deceived. So if you find someone who promises you that: get it in writing and pay them only after success.

A virtual tour on Google is always a component that works together with other Seo measures and thus leads to a good ranking.

This is how a virtual tour on Google helps you:

  1. It improves local ranking: Google takes into account the searcher’s location in every search. And tries to deliver the most relevant results. A well-maintained Google My Business, so to speak the business directory entry at Google, with pictures, texts and the virtual tour is played out by Google preferentially. Because Google loves high-quality and up-to-date content. That is why it is so important to keep the entry up-to-date.
  2. It increases engagement with their business: the more prominently your business is displayed in search results, the more potential customers, applicants and business partners will engage with you. The virtual tour is shared on social media and Google in turn gets the signal that they are relevant.
  3. The virtual tour increases the time spent on your website: you can embed the Google virtual tour on your own website. If a visitor takes the tour and stays on your website for as long as possible, that’s a quality signal for Google. Because the user has found what he was looking for. So the search engine has succeeded in showing them relevant content. High-quality content is the top priority for Google.

You have probably experienced the opposite, when you clicked on a search result and immediately jumped back because the result was not what you expected. The expert speaks of a high bounce rate.
Also important: the more time the visitor spends on their website and your virtual tour, the more likely they are to buy. Because he has already invested attention in your offer will hardly look at ten other websites.

Conclusion: Virtual tours with Google are a must for local businesses

Used correctly in an overall concept, a virtual tour of Google for search engine optimization is a valuable contribution to placing your company prominently. And an exceedingly cost-effective one. This is because the tour is permanently visible, only needs to be updated when necessary and does not disappear when you stop investing money, as is the case with Adwords.

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