Virtual 360 interactive panoramic tours

Make your rooms a digital experience for customers and applicants

What do virtual tours do for your company?

After the pandemic, do you also long to reconnect with others? Personal, on the spot and completely informal?
And at the same time have noticed that many things can also be done digitally and create anticipation for being there? On the vacation trip, for example? Then your target group feels the same way.

Virtual tours are not substitutes for stays that are not possible at the moment. They are the New Normal and an effective way to achieve your goals.

More sales for local businesses

In the battle between online and brick-and-mortar retail, you place your shopping experience and selection right in front of your clientele's eyes. And win the question "Buy locally or on the web after all". Because your advantages of the on-site experience such as touching, selection and direct availability are transferred to the digital by a virtual tour and communicate to your customer: "It's worth the trip to us!". Virtual panoramic tours on Google are particularly suitable for local businesses.  

Cost savings in training and documentation

There are simply places where you can't just travel. Be it for cost reasons or because they are not open to everyone. With the help of virtual reality, employees can visit your company locations from wherever and whenever they want. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to train new employees? With virtual reality, you can lower your onboarding costs.

Lasting impressions in sales

Have you ever stood in Cologne Cathedral and looked up? Wow! Immersive experiences like a 360° tour generate emotions. And we humans remember and most easily on feelings and images! Send your customers on an emotional journey and anchor your services subconsciously. You don't have to be an architect of sacred buildings to do this.

Competitive edge in recruiting

The race for talents convince potential applicants already on the net of your qualities as an employer - and that your rooms are not just 08/15. With insights into your company premises, you transparently facilitate the entry into your company. And gain a real competitive advantage.

The cooperation was uncomplicated and the communication always very good. We were pleased that the implementation was possible so spontaneously and that many of our wishes and ideas were taken into account.

What is Google Streetview Trusted?

Panoramic tours directly in the search engine

For all local businesses and service providers that can be visited on-site, from restaurants, hotels, retail and specialty stores to recreational activities, Virtual 360 Degree Tours on Google are the most effective solution. Because the tour is clickable directly from the search in Google services. Just like well-known Street View function only for indoors!

Google Streetview Trusted Fotograf aus Hamburg auch auf dem Smartphone
Fotograf Patrick Lux aus Hamburg

What is important in virtual tours?

Moin, I'm Patrick Lux, the brains behind 360°Lux. I'm a photographer, trained journalist and content creator with a penchant for digital. There are countless possibilities to implement virtual tours. Knowing these, separating knick-knacks from the important and selecting the best for you is my core competence. My experience as a journalist fits perfectly with this. My focus is always on your target group. Because it should spend digital time with you. To experience something, build trust and say"yes" to you in the end. This is only successful if the user experience is right, aha experiences are created and your target group can look around intuitively and playfully. My claim is to find the best solution for you.

Making our office virtually walk-in fits perfectly with our company culture: open, transparent and with room to grow.