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Virtual tours on Google

Visible all around for more sales in your store

Surely you know Google Street View? This magic function with the help of which you can just look at the address where you are invited. Or what is the location of the hotel that is so advertised.

Exactly this view is also available for indoors, for your rooms. With the help of Google‘s ranks, called Street View Trusted, customers and applicants can take a 360° look around their company. And all this without any ongoing costs.

What is Google Street View Trusted?

Google Street View Trusted is a program from Google that allows businesses to showcase their premises with professional 360-degree photos and virtual tours. By working with certified photographers, businesses such as retailers, restaurants and hotels can create stunning panoramic images to enhance their online presence and build customer trust.

In these panoramic tours, users can navigate virtually through the rooms from the comfort of their computer, smartphone or tablet. You can rotate in all directions, zoom in and out, and navigate from one room to the next for a realistic and immersive experience. This interactive experience allows potential customers to get an idea of the premises in advance and feel the atmosphere of the company, which increases the visibility and attractiveness of the store on the Internet.

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More Information

What are the benefits of Google Street View Trusted for my business?

More attention

Over 90% of Germans search the Internet on Google. Get found faster with Street View Trusted Panorama Tours. Whether in Google Search, Google Maps or in the apps. Show that you are unique all around. With a 360° panoramic tour offer for those who want to get to know your offer better.

Free advertising in the front row

You probably know what an ad in the newspaper or online advertising costs. The virtual tours are in comparison a cheaper variant to draw attention to your company. Because the tours are permanently free of charge and are available for an unlimited period of time. The fish the next day in any case not wrapped in it.

More sales for local businesses

In the battle between online and brick-and-mortar retail, you place your shopping experience and selection right in front of your clientele's eyes. And win the question "Buy locally or on the web after all". Because your advantages of the on-site experience such as touching, selection and direct availability are transferred to the digital by a virtual tour and communicate to your customer: "It's worth the trip to us!". For local businesses, virtual panoramic tours at therefore Google are particularly suitable.  

Added value for your website

Not only in Google services: It's child 's play to integrate your panoramic tour into your external presentation. Whether on the homepage, in your social media networks and in newsletters. The panoramic tour completes your appearance. And draws customers ' attention to your offer in a targeted manner.

Be found better

Google loves good content: A fully completed company entry with a tour is rewarded by the search engine with a better ranking. A Google Tour extends the time the customer spends with you This signals to Google: This is the right place for them. And your customer notices that, too.

More confidence

Show your rooms on the web - and your customers and applicants will see with their own eyes what they can otherwise only experience on site. This creates trust and desire. With openness and transparency, you show all around that the visit with you is worthwhile. Any way you slice it, Google tours give customer relationships a whole new perspective.

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What does Google certified photographer mean ?

Here you can find out how photographers qualify for the coveted logo and what you can look out for in order to find the right provider.

How easy it is to get your tour on Google

As a certified Google Street View Trusted photographer, I offer professional 360-degree photography and virtual tours of your space to enhance your online presence. Working with me on the Google Street View Trusted program involves several steps:

Step 1: Initial contact and consultation
In the first phase of our cooperation you will receive an individual consultation from me, in which I will explain how Google Street View Trusted can enrich your business. I then create a custom-fit proposal that meets your specific needs and provide complete cost transparency so you can make an informed decision.

Step 2: Planning the photo shoot
Once you have decided on my services, we will schedule the photo shoot together. We discuss all the relevant details, such as which rooms to photograph and what you need to prepare.

Step 3: Carrying out the photo shoot
On the agreed date, I will come to your company and create high-quality 360-degree photos. I pay attention to optimal lighting and the ideal placement of the camera to get impressive shots.

Step 4: Editing and compiling the virtual tour
After the photos are taken, I carefully edit the images and create a fascinating virtual tour. In the process, I link the individual shots together so users can seamlessly navigate through your space.

Step 5: Publishing on Google
Once the virtual tour is created, I upload it to Google and link it to your Google My Business listing. This will make your tour directly visible on Google Maps and in search results, increasing the reach of your business.

Step 6: Integration with your online presence
Finally, you have the option to share the virtual tour on your own website or social media. This continues to help improve your online presence and appeal to potential customers who will be amazed by your stunning virtual tour.

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For which companies is a Google Street View Trusted Tour suitable?

Retail stores

Retailers can give potential customers a glimpse of their store space, show the product presentation and convey the atmosphere of their store. In this way, they can arouse the interest of customers and invite them to visit the store in person.


Conference centers, wedding facilities, concert halls and other venues can showcase their spaces, seating capacities and technical equipment. A Google Street View Trusted Tour can help convince potential customers and event organizers of the attractiveness and functionality of the venue.

Restaurants, cafes and bars

Food service establishments can use a Google Street View Trusted Tour to showcase their décor, ambiance and seating options. This can help attract the interest of guests and convince them to make a reservation or spontaneous visit.   

Educational Institutions

Schools, universities and other educational institutions can showcase their campuses or school grounds, classrooms, labs, libraries and recreational facilities. This can help convince potential students and their parents of the quality of the educational institution.

Hotels and accommodations

Accommodation providers can show guest rooms, reception areas, restaurants and other facilities to give potential guests a realistic impression of what they have to offer. This can positively influence the booking decision and create trust.

Gyms and sports facilities

A Google Street View Trusted Tour can show the utility and quality of exercise equipment, classrooms, and other facilities at a gym or sports facility. This can help attract new members and keep existing members informed of new additions or upgrades.

Beauty and wellness facilities

Hair salons, spas, massage studios and beauty salons can show off their treatment rooms, waiting areas and ambiance with a Google Street View Trusted Tour. This can give customers a sense of comfort and relaxation and invite them to use the services offered.

Medical facilities

Medical offices, dental offices, physical therapy centers and other medical facilities can benefit from a Google Street View Trusted Tour by showcasing their treatment rooms, waiting areas and reception areas. This can help instill confidence in the quality and professionalism of the facility in potential patients.

Cultural facilities

Museums, galleries and other cultural institutions can use a Google Street View Trusted Tour to present their exhibitions and premises. This can pique visitors' interest and give them a taste of what to expect on site.

Car dealerships and workshops

Car dealerships can showcase their vehicle display and workshops to offer potential customers an insight into the range of vehicles on offer and the quality of the services provided. A Google Street View Trusted Tour can promote customer satisfaction and trust, contributing to a higher sales rate.

The applicability of Google Street View Trusted tours is almost unlimited. Any company that values giving its customers and visitors a realistic picture of its premises and inviting them to visit in person can benefit from such a tour.

What does "Google certified photographer" mean?

The “Google Maps – Street View Trusted” logo can be found on just about every virtual tour provider for Google. But what is actually behind it?
Google issued the logo to build trust. Only “certified photographers” may use it for their marketing.
As a photographer you will be “certified” by Google when you have uploaded 50 approved panoramas. To be approved, they must meet minimum standards.

Is Google certification a guarantee of quality?

So if you want to be listed as a certified photographer, you don’t have to go through any real training or education. The hurdles are deliberately low, because Google wants to get content. As a result, the official list of providers includes everything from professional photographers to amateurs and marketing agencies.

What I have to offer you

I use selected equipment for the panoramas and optimize the images extensively.
I pay attention to the quality of the photo, but also to the meaningful dramaturgy of the tour:
So that the user looks at what you want to present. And not leave the tour before.
You know yourself: Things off the shelf must fit many and do not take into account special features. That’s why you won’t find a price table with me, but only individual offers. The cost of your tour is not based on square meters or panoramic points.
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Google tour examples

How to create your Google Tour

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More Information

Google Street View Trusted is a program from Google that allows businesses to publish 360-degree views of their stores or premises on Google Maps. It provides users with a virtual tour of your business and improves online visibility as well as local SEO.

To add your business on Google Street View Trusted, you need to hire a Street View photographer to create a virtual tour of your business and publish it on Google Maps. The photographer must be certified by Google and can be found via the Google Street View Trusted website.

Using Google Street View Trusted can provide many benefits for your business, including improved online presence, higher rankings in local search, higher click-through rates, and longer dwell times on your website. It also provides an interactive experience for customers that can increase trust and awareness of your business.

If you use Google Street View Trusted, you can improve your local SEO in Hamburg by setting up and optimizing your business on Google My Business. By using 360-degree views and virtual tours, you can improve your online presence and interactive experiences, which can help your business become more visible in Google Maps and Google Search search results. Sharing your virtual tour on your website or social media platforms can also drive more traffic to your website and potentially more customers. Make sure your tour is well done and kept up to date to get the best results and improve your online visibility in Hamburg.

You can embed your virtual tour on your website or share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also include a link to your tour in your email signature or Google My Business listing.

The duration depends on the photographer’s availability, but it usually takes about two to three weeks for your virtual tour to be available on Google Street View Trusted.

Yes, to create a virtual tour of your business on Google Street View Trusted, you must hire a certified Street View photographer.

The cost of a virtual tour depends on the size of your business. However, it is important to note that investing in a virtual tour can be a worthwhile marketing strategy and can increase the visibility of your business.

It is advisable to update your virtual tour every two to three years to ensure that it is up to date and presents your business at its best.

A Google Certified Photographer is a photographer who is recognized by Google to create 360-degree panoramas for Google Maps and Google Street View Trusted. Certification takes place after 50 approved panoramas have been uploaded.

Certification alone is not a sign of quality. The barriers to generating more content are low, and the list of certified photographers can include professionals, amateurs or marketing agencies.

Photographic quality, high-quality equipment, careful image optimization and sensible dramaturgy of the tour are crucial for a high-quality virtual tour.

To assess the quality of a certified photographer, check the portfolio, customer reviews and individual references. Pay attention to panorama quality, image sharpness, color fidelity and overall composition.

Individual quotes are important because they take into account the specific needs and characteristics of a project, whereas price tables do not.

Conclusion: Google certification creates trust, but photographic quality is crucial. Pay attention to the portfolio, references and individual offers when choosing a certified photographer in order to obtain a high-quality result.