Who can call themselves that and what does that mean for your photographer search?

The “Google Maps – Street View Trusted” logo can be found on just about every virtual tour provider for Google. But what is actually behind it?

Google issued the logo to build trust. Only “certified photographers” may use it for their marketing.

As a photographer you will be “certified” by Google when you have uploaded 50 approved panoramas. In order for them to be approved, they must meet certain quality standards. But even simple panorama cameras achieve this effortlessly.

Certification not a guarantee of quality

So if you want to be listed as a certified photographer, you don’t have to go through any training or education. The hurdles are deliberately low, because Google wants to get content.

When Google started offering virtual tours for indoors under the title “Business View”, the rules were stricter. Each tour was scrutinized by a strict quality control and even the smallest error was objected to. Only those who passed there were able to use the coveted label and were included in the List of photographers led.

After being renamed “Street View Trusted,” the rules became looser and the list literally exploded. In Hamburg alone, there are over 40 providers.

Who can even put a tour online?

Basically, anyone can post content to Google services. Photos, video and texts can be easily and quickly put online through your MyBusiness account.
If you want to upload panoramas you only need the Streetview app. With it, anyone can directly create 360 degree images.
However, you should not expect any miracles from the app in terms of quality.

I use selected equipment for the panoramas and optimize the images extensively.

I pay attention to the quality of the photo, but also to the meaningful dramaturgy of the tour:
So that the user looks at what you want to present. And not leave the tour before.

Three criteria for your choice of photographer

You know yourself: Things off the shelf must fit many and do not take into account special features.  That is why you will not find a price table with me, but will receive only individual offers. The cost of your tour is not based on square meters or panoramic points.

  1. Take a look at the examples of work. Are also all created by this provider itself? Do you also want to have interior photos or employee portraits taken? Then also ask for references in this area.
  2. What questions were you asked? No two stores are the same and surely you have individual needs. Scheme F according to price list or individual consultation? Responsible providers will advise you in detail and prepare you for the shooting in a briefing.
  3. Been cold-called or approached at the door? This is where the agency and agent earn the lion’s share! It’s all about photography, who is the main responsible for the result? Seller or photographer?